Open Music Observatory

The Open Music Observatory consists of four additional pillars added to the Digital Music Observatory as a prototype for a future European Music Observatory. It is currently in a very early stage and will be filled out with content throughout the project.

ims to contribute to the aim of creating a decentralised European intelligence hub where centralised data collection and analysis have failed in the music industry during the past 20 years. We envision the Open Data Observatory as a decentralised, prototype of a European Music Observatory (EMO), providing a high level of service where official and centralised solutions have failed.

The Open Data Observatory

  • complementary service to the ESSnet system (Eurostat and the national statistics offices), furnishing it with statistical products (datasets, visualisations),
  • is partly a statistical software service provider that maintains a software ecosystem (developed in WP4),
  • partly a solution provider that makes the reproducible open policy analysis method available for various end-user groups represented in our Consortium and beyond.

It will create reproducible “dynamic policy documents” that

  • can be transferred from one country to another, or
  • scaled up from one country to a group of countries or even the entire European Union, and
  • recast with little effort after the inception of new data every year,
  • due to their very high level of data/output standardisation and interoperability.

Instead of creating large budget, ad-hoc valuation reports, these reports,

  • with their automatic data harvesting and processing,
  • can be recast annually with little further investment,
  • or they can be transferred from Hungary to Bulgaria, from Slovakia to Lithuania or even Ukraine,

as we plan to showcase (note that to ensure the safety of project personnel, no physical travel to Ukraine will be undertaken as part of the project).

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Open Music Europe
Open Music Europe
An open, scalable data-to-policy pipeline for European Music Ecosystems.

Our consortium recognises that placing European music ecosystems on a more competitive, fair, and sustainable footing requires evidence-based policymaking, business planning and accuracy. We provide the data needed for these actions.