Open Music Europe

Open Music Europe

An open, scalable data-to-policy pipeline for European Music Ecosystems.

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Open Music Europe Open Music Europe brings together music industry stakeholders and researchers from 11 EU countries and Ukraine. Our goal is to support the European music industry in becoming:

  • More competitive: develop more accurate ways to transparently measure the value of music and its use quantity in live and recorded performances, and other musical activities.

  • Fairer: identify cases in which music industry professionals are compensated fairly compared to the benefits of music, and call out cases of negative biases and discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, and other unjustified inequality.

  • More sustainable: offer tools that small enterprises can use to measure their environmental, social, and governance sustainability.

  • More trustworthy: ensure that the way big data is used in the sector – and the way algorithms recommend music – remain fair and accountable for everyone.

We work with – and produce – open data, open-source software, and open policy analysis. This means that any music industry stakeholder, no matter how large or small, can use our tools freely and contribute to their further development.

Our project’s four scientific work packages (WPs) each contribute to a data pillar of the which follow the structure established in the Feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory:

We are committed to the Guidelines for Open Policy Analysis | WP1 Music Economy | WP2 Diversity & Circulation | WP3 Music & Society | WP4 Innovation.

Our goal is to create the prototype of a modern, open, transparent, highly automated European Music Observatory. We want to ensure that all representative music stakeholders on the international and EU levels, as well as national and regional music organizations, can take full benefit – and eventually ownership – of our open data, open software, and open algorithms.

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